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There are several reasons people choose carpeting over flooring for a room, with the main two being comfort and noise reduction.

Carpeting keeps heat better than flooring does, which can be a wonderful thing on those cold, winter mornings. Walking on carpet is naturally a lot more comfortable than walking on hard flooring.

The insulation level is also much better with carpeting than it is with flooring. Therefore, you won’t hear the activity on the floor directly above you as much with carpeting. Finally, flaws in flooring can be hidden by having carpeting placed over it.

But carpeting isn’t perfect either. For one thing it traps dust and other particulates much easier than flooring does, which can exacerbate respiratory conditions. You also have to make sure to prevent food spills and keep up with maintenance. At Fuller's Floor Covering, we understand the importance of quality carpet installations and removals.

Our carpet installation service is available for homeowners throughout Thomasville, Lexington & High Point, NC. Contact our team today to discuss your flooring needs and learn more about our options!

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If you like to consider yourself a DIY expert, you might be tempted to get your hands dirty and tackle installing your new carpeting yourself. There are several benefits, however, to leaving this job to the pros. Our carpet installation experts have all the proper tools and instruments to complete the project accurately and efficiently. We also have experience working with rooms that are uneven or present obstacles such as stairs or vents. If there is any issue with your sub-flooring, it will need to be addressed before adding carpeting. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection to identify any such damage. Best of all, working with professional carpet installers guarantees the full lifespan of your warranty, whereas it could easily become void by cutting it on your own, leaving you in a tough situation if you were to make a mistake. For reliable carpet installation in the High Point, Lexington, and Thomasville, NC area, make Fuller's Floor Covering your first choice!

If you have any questions about carpeting, please call our team at Fuller's Floor Covering. Our level of customer service is simply unmatched in the industry. Our labor and the materials we use are guaranteed, and we’re fully insured as well.

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